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19 Poorly Designed Things That Prove Proper Spacing Is Everything

"Don ate your old glasses."

1. This sign that makes it sound like someone named Don ate eyewear.

balanceilimp / Via

2. This insurance bill that says you can manage your policy with "just a few dicks."

rgb519 / Via

3. This beanie that wants to say "fighter," but looks more like "fig hater."

radically-lily / Via

4. This decoration that's struggling to say, "giving thanks."

TooLongToBeAUserna / Via

5. Then there's this "let tits now" sign.

XIV-Questions / Via

6. And the design in this coffee that says "ciclickis."

JulianUndso / Via

7. This reminder that you can sleep when you redead!

GrandBadger / Via

8. This "you had meat hello" clock.

Baudin82 / Via


djfatman / Via

10. This bum gel.

DavinMiler / Via

11. These sungl asses that have a lot to offer.

Zipvex143258 / Via

12. This mess of a mural.

FreeDSR / Via

13. This business called Megaflicks that probably should've gone with a different font.

nicetaintbruh / Via

14. This sign that tried to remind people to "get clicked" — as in, take a photo, but instead looks like it's telling folks to "get dicked."

cinematicdragon / Via

15. This uncomfortably printed text.

TrolleyFTW / Via

16. This menu's listing of artis anal cheese.

mjdth / Via

17. This sign advertising strawberry buzzards!

Tcoon14 / Via

18. This poster boasting about the NEW STOCK ARRMNG DAILY.

AntusPantus / Via

19. And finally, this sad little be have hat.

-theIvy- / Via

H/T r/keming

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