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16 Screenshots Of Entitled, Delusional, Rude People Who Didn't Seem To Realize They Were In The Wrong This Month

"The job application said 'entry level' but demanded I have 10–15 YEARS of experience."

1. This couple who expect photographers to PAY to shoot their wedding.

2. This person who asked to borrow money, got a "yes," then kept upping the amount, proving if you give an inch, some will try to take a foot.

someone originally asking to borrow $10 and then upping it $30

3. This person upset at a mattress store for not helping them move.

reviewer saying the store didn't want to help them move the bed 2 years later

4. This person who is mad that their babysitter is trying to get an hourly job at a company instead of settling for $100 a week for 40 hours of work.

5. This person named Amber who manages to be even worse than the babysitter-seeker above, offering a preteen 50 bucks a week to watch their three children for SIX hours a day over the summer. Oh, and also to provide tutoring for reading, writing, math, and science. Wild.

Here's the comment section on Amber's listing by the way. As you'll see, people did their best to let her know how preposterous that request was.

commenters saying the original poster is wild for trying to pay so little for the amount of work wanted

6. These people who are in need of a house and cat sitter, yet they're trying to charge someone $250 a week to do it (for SIX weeks).

7. This person who can't wrap their head around someone wanting $400 for a 40-hour workweek ($10 an hour).

someone confused that someone would want more than $10 per hour for a babysitting gig

8. This person who is upset because a college won't help them promote the YEAR-LONG UNPAID INTERNSHIP they're trying to push for.

9. This person complaining about brand name sodas as if it's not an option to bring your own damn contributions to BBQs.

"please don't invite me to a BBQ if your soda's cheap, i don't drink dr. thunder"

10. This person who is a big fan of someone's art until they find out they have to pay for their work.

when charged $20 for a commissioned art piece, the person backs out and says the art is whack

11. This person, who is whining because nobody wants to buy the PS5s they're selling for $130 over retail value.

"you guys buy houses 80k over what they're worth & you're complaining about $130 over"

12. This person trying to get someone to babysit five days a week, six hours a day, for $20 per day.

people laughing at the request of the original poster

13. This person who feels they should just be given a job without interviewing.

14. This person who wants a model to showcase their jewelry for no pay or anything at all in return.

15. This company offering "entry-level" pay for "10–15 years of experience."

16. And finally, this person who is getting pretty sassy because someone can't give them a ride.

someone telling a person who said no that they're just lacking the will power to get up earlier to give them a ride