14 Details In "Midsommar" That Will Creep You Out And Blow Your Mind

    As if they weren't disturbing enough already!

    1. The artwork shown just as the movie begins depicts the entire plot of the film.

    2. When Dani's parents are shown in the opening minutes, a photo of Dani surrounded by flowers can be seen in the background, a reference to the flower crown she winds up wearing.

    3. A painting seen in Dani's apartment shows a girl in a crown kissing a bear, foreshadowing the ending in which she's the May Queen and Christian is put inside of a bear carcass.

    4. When the group arrives in Hälsingland, there's a sign that reads, "Stop mass immigration to Hälsingland."

    5. After doing drugs, Dani is fine until Mark mentions family, sparking her bad trip.

    6. When Dani runs off and hallucinates, the figure she momentarily sees behind her is her sister with an exhaust tube in her mouth.

    7. Christian sees a piece of art depicting a bear on fire, unaware that it's foreshadowing his fate.

    8. The shot of Dani's dead family lying on the ground and the elders standing in front of the yellow structure have a similar layout and color scheme, AND the cracks on the rock look a lot like the outline of the hills.

    9. At dinner, everyone's drink is yellow except for Christian, who has an orange-ish liquid, likely due to the addition of menstrual blood.

    10. During Christian and Josh's heated interaction over the thesis, fire can be seen in the background between them.

    11. A photo of Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz and a small scarecrow doll can be spotted early in the movie. Later, we see bodies made into scarecrows and burned.

    12. During the celebration after the dance ceremony, Dani sees her mother and calls out for her. Dani's dad is also present.

    13. When Dani is turned around looking for her mom, she doesn't see that her sister walks up behind her and lurks alongside her for a few moments.

    14. And finally, when Dani is carried, you can see the face of her dead sister with an exhaust tube in her mouth within the upper left part of the trees.