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    22 Tinder And Bumble Interactions That Prove Dating In 2022 Is An Uphill Battle

    A reminder that it's hard out there.

    1. This super interesting person.

    2. This person who fumbled their chances by making a chill introduction creepy.

    Screenshot of text exchange

    3. This person was having a bad day, so they hit up the guy they'd been talking to on Tinder and got this response.

    "I'll give you a hug if your lips can hug my ****"

    4. This person who took a harmless name pun and clapped back with hostility regarding someone's height.

    5. This person who blew it because they freaked their date out by telling them to "prove" their excitement.

    6. This person who couldn't wait for tomorrow.

    7. This person who is all over the place conversation-wise, even talking about their other dates.

    8. This person quickly concluding that someone's personality isn't compatible based on their Myers-Briggs type.

    9. This person interacting with a geography whiz.

    10. This person whose About Me is...a whole lot.

    11. This person who opened by telling someone that they're boring until they make an effort to show otherwise.

    12. This convo that died quickly because of astrology.

    13. This person who may have slightly overreacted to a harmless joke.

    14. This person who doesn't want to give out their number and this person who is sketched out by someone not wanting to give their number coming head-to-head.

    15. This person who seems a little judgmental about Dungeons & Dragons.

    16. This person casually slipping in a mention of the sex they had.

    17. This person's aggressive opening line.

    18. This person who is maybe being a little over-protective about a dog's name.

    Screenshot of a Bumble exchange

    19. This person who is bringing next to nothing to the conversation.

    20. This person who began things with a 3 a.m. "morning" text and then got sassy about the lack of response.

    21. This person who waited months to respond to a message, only to come with hostility, and receive hostility back.

    "Figured it matched your generic ass looks"

    22. And finally, these people whose professions led to one of them unmatching the other.

    "Right now, my focus is on tracking down scammy crypto artists and turning them into federal authorities. So I'm quite aware of crypto"