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    14 Brilliant Clothing Stores That Are Already Living In 3018

    Customizable dressing room lighting is a thing.

    1. This store's dressing room that allows you to adjust the type of lighting and the brightness.

    2. This clothing store's hangers that let Facebook influence fashion by showing how many likes each item has.

    3. This mirror that allows you to see yourself in different clothes without actually trying them on.

    4. This store that has a winter simulator to test out cool weather clothing.

    5. This dressing room that has separate hooks to help you keep your clothes organized by whether you want them or not.

    6. This store that has a designated area to test out how it feels to workout in different fitness clothing.

    7. This fitting room that provides face covers to avoid getting lipstick or makeup on clothing.

    8. This store that has a testing area to see what shoes feel like on different surfaces.

    9. This clothing store that has a freakin' DJ on site to provide shoppers with some tunes.

    10. This store that has a help button inside of the dressing room so you can get assistance without having to change back or leave the room.

    11. This store that has a basketball hoop in the middle of the athletic shoe section so you can shoot while you shop.

    12. This store that puts a fan in each dressing room so you can stay cool while you try on clothes (or take next-level selfies with your hair blowing in the wind).

    13. This clothing store that color codes their garments.

    14. And finally, this store that has a waiting area where you can charge your phone, for people who are tagging along while the person they're with is shopping.

    H/T r/mildly interesting.