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    18 Screenshots Of People Being Absolute Monsters Around The Holidays That Will Make Your Blood Boil

    Complaining about gifts? Demanding holiday discounts? It's the holiday season!

    1. This person who was given enough food to make a free feast but complained about the items it didn't include.

    2. This person who wanted a free Christmas tree, got a free Christmas tree, and then complained about the size of the Christmas tree.

    Someone asks for a free Christmas tree, then complains because it isn't tall or full enough

    3. This person who wanted a massive Christmas discount.

    4. This person who threw a tantrum when someone wouldn't sell them an $800 drone for $100.

    A person gets angry when someone won't sell them a drone for cheap

    5. This person who blamed someone for ruining Christmas because they wouldn't sell something for cheaper.

    6. This person who saw that someone was trying to give free stuff to those in need and requested a SECOND PS4 for their household.

    7. This parent who had her kid asking his friends for 20 bucks each to buy some AirPods.

    8. This person who went on a straight-up ungrateful rant.

    9. This person who wanted someone to have a Christmas sale on a random phone they're selling.

    10. This person who wanted to be given basketball tickets for Christmas because the seller had won them for free.

    11. This person who tried to do a good deed with their holiday party and encountered a selfish ghoul.

    12. This person who wanted custom-made art for a Christmas discount of 100% free.

    Someone requests free art for Christmas

    13. This person who allegedly had a tight Christmas budget but was also trying to buy art, for some reason.

    Someone asks for significantly discounted artwork

    14. This inappreciative person whining about being given gifts that weren't a guitar.

    15. This person whose partner got mad at them for not getting the right AirPods.

    16. This person who asked their friend to return the gift they'd given them and buy a new one instead.

    17. This person who was upset that a restaurant gave them a free holiday ornament instead of a mug.

    18. And finally, this person who called someone a "SCAMMER" for not giving them a massive Christmas discount.

    Anyway, season's greetings, y'all!