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    21 Rude, Bratty, Delusional Customers Who Went To Restaurants And Felt Like They Were Entitled To Things

    Why do some people think posting about a restaurant on social media means they deserve free food?

    1. This person who read a menu wrong, then got mad when they couldn't return their leftover sushi like a pair of pants that don't fit.

    2. This person who wants to skip a line and get a reservation that doesn't align with policy because they're "a haute couture fashion designer with an ultra luxury collection."

    A haute couture designer angry that they can't get a place in line for a restaurant.

    3. This person who thought they could get a restaurant's complimentary chips and salsa for free even though they weren't ordering anything else.

    4. This person who wanted their meal discounted for posting the restaurant on their social media. When that offer was declined, they decided to post negative things about the food.

    A person posting an Instagram story that says the restaurant's taro dumplings tasted like "a$$"

    5. This person who has over 11,000 Instagram followers and therefore deserves free entrees.

    6. This person who went to a restaurant right after closing, and even though they were kind enough to still serve them, they were out of fries, warranting a negative review.

    7. This person who wanted to pay for a medium but receive a large.

    8. This person who thinks all meals should be free if the debit card machine is having technical difficulties.

    9. This person who thinks businesses going through struggles should offer customers free stuff for their support.

    10. This person who didn't tip because the waiter didn't wish them a happy Mother's Day.

    11. This person who was upset they couldn't get a discount on their bill that was less than $20.

    12. This person who left a bad review because they ordered 63 sandwiches last minute, and *gasp* they took over an hour to make.

    13. This person who left a negative review but didn't include some important details.

    14. The people sitting comfortably in this restaurant 15 minutes after closing time.

    15. The people responsible for this sign having to be posted.

    16. The person who left a one-star review that prompted the owner to write up a detailed response.

    A restaurant owner's response to a bad review, ending in, "Scottish people are welcoming and friendly but not stupid and we will not be abused by anyone."

    17. This person who tipped nothing because they felt their meal should be free since they're a military spouse.

    18. The person responsible for this sign being posted at a BBQ joint.

    19. The person who left this incoherent note when they weren't given a free meal.

    20. This person who brought food from another restaurant into a cafe and threw a fit when confronted.

    21. This person who didn't tip but offered useless compliments.