Restaurant Employees Are Sharing Photos Of Unfortunate Moments At Work, And They All Deserve A Raise

    From annoying customers to kitchen mishaps.

    1. These customers who've brought their own bell so they can ring it whenever they need assistance.

    Two people with their faces obscured sitting at a table with some drinks on it and a circled bell

    2. This customer who showed up with a detailed (damn near all-encompassing) allergy list.

    3. This restaurant that received their order of 150 pounds of halibut in the form of one, gigantic fish.

    4. This kitchen that was left in rough shape by whoever closed.

    5. This kitchen that's going to be short on spring mix because that's it sitting there at the very bottom of this pile, being smashed by several heavy packages of flour.

    6. These kitchen workers who are going to have to stay late because someone ordered a bunch of stuff "well done" 16 minutes after closing time.

    An order for stuffed chicken and well-done lamb chops, porterhouse steak, and tomahawk ribeye

    7. This kitchen's freezer that was left propped open after closing, resulting in a whole bunch of food being spoiled.

    8. This kitchen that's covered in shattered dishes.

    9. This supplier that sent a mix of fresh and clearly not so fresh salami.

    10. This gorgeous, fancy steak that a chef had to prepare, only to lather it in slices of American cheese.

    11. This person responsible for cleaning out clams to make chowder, a process that takes A LOT of squeezing for very little juice.

    12. This kitchen that has a bunch of corny, cliché hater-y music opinions that are very limiting and probably make for a really lame vibe.

    13. This kitchen that is extremely backed up on incoming tickets and sure to be playing catchup the entire shift.

    A row of ticket orders in a kitchen that extends from the register down to the floor and up again

    14. This kitchen that needed a bunch of fingerling potatoes precut, and the new guy was asked to do it without being shown the proper direction to slice.

    For context, fingerling potatoes should be cut in half vertically, as seen below:

    An arrow pointing to correctly cut fingerling potatoes in a pan with cherry tomatoes and salmon

    15. This kitchen that's dealing with leaks while backed up on orders and being expected to get stuff done as usual.

    16. And this kitchen's leaks happening RIGHT ABOVE the grill.

    17. These order tickets for a table of 10 and a table of 14 who got seated simultaneously.

    18. This kitchen that took on the task of making 500 wraps in an hour.

    19. And finally, this disaster that occurred minutes before closing time.

    H/T: r/KitchenConfidential.