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18 Screenshots Of Bumble Interactions That Show The Modern Dating Pool Is Filled With Garbage

It's hard to believe people typed these things out and pressed "SEND."

1. This person who is very confused/confusing.

2. This dude Dave who is 46 years old and couldn't cook up a respectful introduction.

3. This person trying to make Christmas a sexy holiday.

4. This person who is mistaking a "red flag" for an "actual real flag with the color red on it."

5. This person who really earned the "How 'bout no!" gif in response.

6. This person whose 'About me' section basically says, "feminism is bad."

7. This person who may have overreacted to being asked what they do for work.

8. This conversationalist.

"You got huge tits"

9. This "compliment."

"You must get lots of compliments"

10. This person who asked a wild question before they'd even said "Hello."

"How would you rate your bj skills?"

11. This.

"Sex?" "Female"

12. This fetishization that got someone unmatched.

13. This person who is coming on strong/creepy/like a real weirdo with another dash of fetishization.

"You are beautiful and I love southeast Asian women."

14. This atrocious interaction that's got some racism and fetishization swirled together.

15. And this straight-up racist message.

"glad you're not Mexican is all. It's a culture I don't care for"

16. This person who brought the conversation to a halt with unnecessary, forced sexual innuendo.

"I'd be happy if I was sitting on that lap"

17. This guy who bought that shirt, wore that shirt, took a photo in that shirt, and posted it on his dating profile.

A guy wearing a shirt that says "two-seater" with arrows pointing down and up

18. And finally — first read this person's bio...

"I have everything we need."

...then read this exchange where they get upset with someone for making a playful comment referencing the bio to start the conversation.

"There ain't a single guy on any of these apps. Lmao."