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    15 Faith-In-Humanity-Draining Screenshots Of Interactions On Bumble That Show How Exhausting Dating Is

    Extreme jealousy from someone you're barely getting to know is ALARMING.

    1. This person who is showing his bright red flags of jealousy with this attitude after two dates.

    A Bumble conversation where one person mentions that the person they're dog sitting for is single, and their date suddenly gets weird and jealous

    2. This person who is trying to make everything sexual and sending unsolicited graphic photos.

    A guy gets suddenly aggressive, sends a dick pic, the girl gets upsets and leaves the conversation, and the guy says "I feel like something is wrong, you can talk to me"

    3. This person who sends matches this entire survey.

    A survey titled "Thanks for matching with Nikki" that then asks several specific questions about where they would go on a date and what the person's interests are

    4. This dude ruining a fun exchange.

    5. This rather quick decision to nip the conversation in the bud.

    6. This oddly hostile reaction to someone asking about some houseplants.

    7. This person who is simply bad at conversation.

    8. This unintentionally harsh burn from the app itself.

    9. This monster who opened with a disgusting revelation.

    Someone says they're going to spit in people's food, their match says "that kind of day," and the other says they're having a good day, they just like messing with people's food

    10. This insulting conversation starter.

    Nice. from Bumble

    11. This alarming opener.

    An extremely long intro in which the sender lays out all the requirements they have of someone they date, including specific sexual preferences and kinks

    12. This wack intro line.

    13. This lazy catfish attempt using a photo of a model for a swimsuit that's being sold.

    Someone's Bumble photo is a screenshot of a woman in a swimsuit, with the shopping site the photo was pulled from clearly visible

    14. This person who offered nothing to help this conversation run on Dunkin'.

    15. And finally, this person who matched with ulterior motives.

    Someone's match says "I would love if you set me up with your super cute red-headed friend"