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17 Times People On Bumble Matched, Then Things Immediately Went Wrong

"None of your business," in response to a harmless opening question seems like a bad sign.

1. This person who was weirdly hostile about a simple question regarding their restaurant.

2. This person who is oddly bothered that someone doesn't like alcohol.

3. This guy asking a woman he's only interacted with for a bit on Bumble if she's down to go for a walk at 11:30 p.m.

4. This person who got grumpy about someone trying to help plan a date.

5. These two people whose energy doesn't seem like it's mixing too well.

6. This person who keeps encountering people who wind up deleting their accounts.

7. This person whose age is very unclear.

8. This person who seems like a super chill and reasonable individual.

Screenshot of someone's Bumble profile

9. This person who has a very...forward profile.

10. These two people who had matched before, and quickly remembered why it didn't pan out.

oh…. from Bumble

11. This person who doesn't seem amused by their name being used in a pun.

12. This person who made a fun question SUPER graphic.

13. And this guy who was also just really gross and forward right out of the gate.

14. This person who took a compliment and gave an overly sexualized one back.

15. This person who is mad that a guy matched and didn't say anything on an app where women have to message first.

16. This person who seems super humble.

Screenshot of a Bumble profile

17. And finally, this person who had no interest in a unique opening question.