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    24 Times People Had Profoundly Bad Luck That You'll Deeply Empathize With

    Relatable in the worst way.

    We've all had moments that are just very irritating and make us wonder if we possess more bad luck than the average person. Maybe it's a self-inflicted brain fart, perhaps it's a bit of clumsiness, or maybe it's a straight-up crappy hand you were dealt that feels like a personal attack from the universe. Whatever the case, let's take a look at people in a number of situations that suck, and be grateful we're not currently dealing with such misfortune.

    1. This person who had a bird poop directly into the open mouth of their coffee mug.

    2. This person who mistakenly cooked brownies with garlic butter.

    3. This person who got put on hold for three hours, only to find out that they couldn't get their money back.

    4. This person who didn't realize they left their AirPods on the plane until they were off of it.

    5. This person who had a sliver of sunlight blaze through their window and torch a portion of their keyboard.

    6. This person whose clean car got a caffeine fix from all this spilled coffee.

    7. This person who had multiple objects break in the same day.

    8. This person who spent half an hour guessing their password before trying to reset it and being told they couldn't use their old password.

    9. This person whose money got stuck, then sucked back into an ATM.

    10. This person who just happened to be seated behind someone with tons of hair and zero respect.

    11. This person who slipped in the shower and landed on their toilet, taking the whole unit out.

    12. This person whose bath is doing this, and whose landlord is insisting everything is fine.

    13. This person who sorted all their cards...then fell down.

    14. This person who was halfway done watching _Scream _when it was removed from Amazon Prime's movie selections.

    15. This person whose keys did that annoying thing that they somehow manage to do in your pocket.

    16. This person who had a brain fart while cracking eggs open.

    17. This person whose measuring cup's numbers and lines fell off when they washed it.

    18. This person who got a sandwich with allegedly crispy bacon that actually looks fresh out of the freezer. 

    19. This person who dropped a bottle of NyQuil.

    20. This person whose comic came in a package that reads "please do not bend" but is totally bent.

    21. This person who moved into a new place and found out the faucet was installed aggressively wrong.

    22. This person whose glass shower door just completely shattered.

    23. This person who did a deep dive into their unmatched sock bag and couldn't find a single pairing.

    24. And finally, this person whose place got egged during really cold weather, resulting in frozen yolk on glass that will undoubtedly be strenuous to clean off.

    H/T r/mildlyinfuriating and r/wellthatsucks