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    21 Times Managers Overstepped With Employees Recently That Are Worthy Of A Two-Week Notice

    "Bathroom breaks are a privilege!"

    1. This person being badgered about taking sick time.

    "they need justification for your sick time since it is not reimbursable by our clients."

    2. This company's job listing that has a truly terrible plot twist.

    "PLUS daily, weekly and monthly bonuses are all things we DO NOT OFFER!"

    3. These employees who were forced to show up for a Sunday meeting on January 1st.

    Board saying there is a mandatory meeting on January 1st.

    4. This company showing an employee their hard work isn't unnoticed by...not changing their pay rate by a single cent.

    "Here is your new rate of pay that goes into effect on Dec 26, 2022!"

    5. This boss who is being agonizingly slow to respond when their employee asked to pick up their overdue CHECKS (plural).

    6. This condescending manager giving an employee crap because they called out.

    "It's amazing how patronizing managers at this establishment are."

    7. This company exhibiting weirdo behavior in their job description.

    "There are no precautions for this 'manmade' disease."

    8. This boss limiting bathroom breaks to five minutes and threatening to dock pay for every additional minute.

    "Bathroom breaks have been limited to 5 min max!"

    9. This company that's essentially implying they'll take legal action if a former employee doesn't...update their LinkedIn.

    "i have cc'd our General Counsel on this email to be aware of the issue if further escalation is required."

    10. This company handing out attendance contracts that even punish excused absences.

    A contract for attendance

    11. This company charging people $1.75 per check to use direct deposit.

    "Direct deposit is offered at the rate of $1.75 per payroll period."

    12. This employee being asked to sign over their medical info before getting surgery.

    A contract asking the employee to give their employer permission to contact their physician.

    13. This company trying to deduct paid time OFF when employees WORK from home.

    14. This company that changed Christmas bonuses from cash to chocolate.

    "This replaces the Christmas bonuses Louise used to give in your wage."

    15. This company's preposterous list of policies.

    "No shift changes, 50% off only after 90 days, $2 uniform deposit, No direct deposit"

    16. This boss who is chill about proper grammar but super strict and borderline threatening about being on the clock.


    17. This company that banned requests for time off during the holidays.

    "I will not be accepting any time off request or vacation during the weeks with red"

    18. This person working from home who ran to the bathroom and got told they need to deduct it from their actual break time.

    "you can put yourself in break and subtract what you use off your next break"

    19. This company that is cool with 12+-hour shifts but does not under any circumstances want people sitting down.

    "Do not sit on the floor!"

    20. This law firm that took $40 from people's paychecks without asking to buy someone a Christmas gift.

    "Everyone had a $40.00 deduction from their paycheck to chip in for Dean's Christmas gift"

    21. And finally, this company's smug note for employees requesting days off.

    "Requests for days off are simply that, a request."