21 Screenshots Of Employees Standing Up To Their Rude, Entitled Bosses That Are So Satisfying To See

    "I quit. Good luck finding someone else though!"

    1. This person who verbally annihilated their boss for criticizing a productive work day.

    2. This person whose short-staffed boss didn't take their warning seriously enough.

    3. This person who called their boss out for abandoning their job description.

    4. This person was simply fed up.

    5. This fast food employee who got in trouble for looking out for the health of customers.

    6. This person who isn't coming in for Becky on Saturday, or for their own shifts moving forward.

    7. This person whose boss had zero respect and deservedly got told to kick rocks.

    8. This person who straight-up told their boss they would only take an impromptu shift for more money.

    9. This person who was summoned on their day off by a boss who felt entitled to their service.

    10. This person whose boss tried to keep them on by being slightly rude and offering less money than the company they were leaving for.

    11. This person who was asked, no, told to come into work on their day off.

    12. This person who didn't put up with their boss's unacceptable superiority complex and vulgar insults.

    13. This person who got sick of disrespect and boldly pulled the plug on their employment with this establishment.

    14. This person who had to check their boss for trying to scold them for calling in.

    15. This person who had it with their boss asking for a doctors note while they're still ailing.

    16. This person who quit their job during a meeting after being bothered with work emails while recovering from COVID.

    17. This caregiver who quit after their boss tried to force a shift onto them.

    18. This person whose boss tried to scold them for discussing their pay with others.

    19. This person who got sick of a bad work environment and quit with this company-wide email.

    20. This person who quit their job and had their final direct deposit reversed in retaliation, so they had to send a lengthy email letting their work know they wouldn't stand for it.

    21. And finally, this person who wound up quitting after their new manager (yellow) spoke like this to them and other employees in a group chat because someone got sick.