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    25 Amazing Things Japan Has That We Need In America ASAP

    From unique snacks to fancy restrooms!

    1. A "flushing sound" button in public restrooms, so you can drown out the sound of you doing your business.

    2. Caramel apple flavored M&M's, which sound like they'd be amazing!

    3. A dispenser that provides wipes to keep your phone screen clean.

    4. This incredibly convenient bathroom system that lets you know which toilets are free, and which are occupied.

    5. Booze in a juice box so you can feel like a kid again, even when you're drinking adult beverages.

    6. Stairs that let you know how many calories you're burning as you walk up 'em.

    7. Taco Bell locations that have star-shaped cheese AND serve fries.

    8. Vending machines that sell fresh farm eggs.

    9. An anti-static patch that ensures you won't get shocked when you touch the elevator buttons.

    10. These Eggs Benedict flavored Pringles that'd make you feel great about having chips for breakfast.

    11. This fun-looking (hopefully delicious) pink Pepsi.

    12. Or this tasty peach Coca-Cola!

    13. Moving trucks that can open from the back or the sides.

    14. A large variety of KitKat flavor options, from red bean to green tea.

    15. Shopping centers with refrigerators so you can keep perishables cool while you shop for other things.

    16. McDonald's restaurants that offer sweet corn as a side option.

    17. Urinals that have video games that you play with your pee.

    18. Mario Kart themed street tours!

    19. Extraordinary manhole covers designed with beautiful, photo-worthy art.

    20. Festive, green, Christmas-tree shaped Doritos for the holidays.

    21. Mirrors that are heated so they don't get all steamy when you shower.

    22. Convenient little cans of whiskey made ready to crack open and sip.

    23. Little cans of helium that are straight-up made for people to inhale and have fun with their high-pitched voice.

    24. 7-Eleven brand wine which probably pairs well with other convenience store snacks.

    25. Elevator signs that have an umbrella that lights up to warn you when it's raining outside.

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting.