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    25 Amazing Things Japan Has That We Need In America ASAP

    From unique snacks to fancy restrooms!

    1. A "flushing sound" button in public restrooms, so you can drown out the sound of you doing your business.

    fred28046 / Via

    2. Caramel apple flavored M&M's, which sound like they'd be amazing!

    Corican / Via

    3. A dispenser that provides wipes to keep your phone screen clean.

    Luwast / Via

    4. This incredibly convenient bathroom system that lets you know which toilets are free, and which are occupied.

    youknowitalktoomuch / Via

    5. Booze in a juice box so you can feel like a kid again, even when you're drinking adult beverages.

    11TJK / Via

    6. Stairs that let you know how many calories you're burning as you walk up 'em.

    jwtfs01 / Via

    7. Taco Bell locations that have star-shaped cheese AND serve fries.

    twig973 / Via

    8. Vending machines that sell fresh farm eggs.

    KTerrestrial / Via

    9. An anti-static patch that ensures you won't get shocked when you touch the elevator buttons.

    DatCutelilBunny / Via

    10. These Eggs Benedict flavored Pringles that'd make you feel great about having chips for breakfast.

    tokyosuits / Via

    11. This fun-looking (hopefully delicious) pink Pepsi.


    12. Or this tasty peach Coca-Cola!

    BrookSteam / Via

    13. Moving trucks that can open from the back or the sides.

    Biflindi / Via

    14. A large variety of KitKat flavor options, from red bean to green tea.

    Prooffread3r / Via, oniaberry / Via

    15. Shopping centers with refrigerators so you can keep perishables cool while you shop for other things.

    RegionFree / Via

    16. McDonald's restaurants that offer sweet corn as a side option.

    ImaCulpA / Via

    17. Urinals that have video games that you play with your pee.

    GreenTeaOnMyDesk / Via

    18. Mario Kart themed street tours!

    boodahbelly / Via

    19. Extraordinary manhole covers designed with beautiful, photo-worthy art.

    Tombo_64 / Via

    20. Festive, green, Christmas-tree shaped Doritos for the holidays.

    Sagantosu / Via

    21. Mirrors that are heated so they don't get all steamy when you shower.

    mdengler10 / Via

    22. Convenient little cans of whiskey made ready to crack open and sip.

    Mr_Saturn1 / Via

    23. Little cans of helium that are straight-up made for people to inhale and have fun with their high-pitched voice.

    Eenok_Farkwinder / Via

    24. 7-Eleven brand wine which probably pairs well with other convenience store snacks.

    Sad_Weeaboo_In_Japan / Via

    25. Elevator signs that have an umbrella that lights up to warn you when it's raining outside.

    eigosensei / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting.

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