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    If You Love Pink Starburst Then You Need To See This Awesome New Gear

    Packages full of all pink Starburst are only the beginning.

    Everyone knows the most coveted, beloved candy flavor is the pink Starburst. As you may recall, bags of All Pink Starburst have been on store shelves in the past. Now, they're returned, but you're no longer limited to fruity, chewy candies.

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    You may've seen people describe themselves as a pink Starburst in recent years, and now that label has found its way onto actual clothing.

    You can find the new merchandise here, and for starters, there's this really sweet pink denim jacket.

    Starburst, Jon Premosch / Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed

    No offense to orange and lemon Starbursts, but it's tough to imagine them creating such a majestic look.

    There's also this cozy pink sweatshirt that boldly declares oneself a pink Starburst.

    Jon Premosch / Macey Foronda

    There are even these magnificent shirts the fashion loving, sweet tooth having folks.


    In addition to the attire, there's a beautiful pink Starburst neon sign and a fun scarf to accessorize with.


    This collection is as sweet as the candies themselves, and if you're one of the masses who feel passionate about pink Starburst, it's your time to shine.

    Jon Premosch / Macey Foronda

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