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    17 Aesthetically Pleasing Photos That’ll Put You In The Holiday Spirit

    So festive. So soothing.

    1. These Christmas ornaments perfectly organized by color.

    pwb1996 / Via

    2. The beautiful reflection of these Christmas lights onto the fridge.

    Rizanamhsra / Via

    3. This absolutely perfectly wrapped gift.

    Hit_It_Rockapella / Via

    4. This library's Christmas tree made from books.

    Botatitsbest / Via

    5. Or this library's impressively stacked tree of books.

    Isai76 / Via

    6. The beautiful, faint glow of these colorful Christmas lights underneath snow.

    TracerIsOist / Via

    7. This perfect Christmas tree cut of a cookie.

    jackapotamus89 / Via

    8. Or the perfect patterns on these Christmas cookies.

    nicaragua44 / Via

    9. These Christmas ornaments that make it feel like you're moving at hyper speed.

    daveylovesMN / Via

    10. The reflection of these Christmas lights in fountain water.

    doninreallife / Via

    11. This flawless, thoroughly decorated, bright and beautiful Christmas tree.

    ujaku / Via

    12. This Christmas tree made from computer monitors.

    thatpartyguy / Via

    13. These perfect tire tracks left in the snow.

    evil_newton / Via

    14. These brand new, untangled Christmas lights.

    Rinkytinker / Via

    15. This simple tab that turns your Coca-Cola label into a ribbon.

    16. This tall, colorful tree inside of a gloriously decorated mall.

    cinephile46 / Via

    17. And finally, the satisfying process of starting to vacuum up the mess left behind after taking down a Christmas tree.

    own3d / Via