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    18 Things That'll Give You Intense Flashbacks To Summer Days When You Were A Kid

    That Sears air conditioning ad at every commercial break!

    1. Those cheap little water guns that made you taste plastic whenever you got shot in the mouth.

    purenostalgia / Via

    2. Or the ultimate water gun — a Super Soaker 50.

    jeqpesen / Via

    3. Those fun Crazy Daisy moving lawn sprinklers that fit the summer theme.


    4. Nickelodeon's block of programming during the summer called "Nick in the Afternoon," that was hosted by Stick Stickly.


    5. Spending what felt like an eternity filling up water balloons only to throw and burst all of 'em within a minute or two...

    eiji1964 / Via

    6. ...then having to remove the broken balloon scraps wrapped around the spigot.

    The_Lion_Jumped / Via

    7. That one Sears ad for air conditioning that seemed to play on every channel, at EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK.


    8. Twisting off the plastic cap and sipping on a magnificent Kool-Aid Burst.

    woofsandwhiteclaws / Via

    9. Being burned by clunky, scalding hot seat belts every time you got in the car on a hot day.

    ashhmariee21 / Via

    10. When the ice cream truck came by there was a glorious selection of frozen treats to choose from, like Flintstones Push Ups...

    DrBouvenstein / Via

    11. ...and Mickey's Parade Ice Pops...

    Good Humor

    12. ...or WWF (now WWE) ice cream bars.


    13. Then, there were frozen treats that came straight from your refrigerator instead of an ice cream truck. Like Otter Pops!

    otterpops / Via

    14. And glorious homemade popsicles made simply by putting fruit juice or Kool-Aid in those plastic holders and freezing 'em.

    girl_smitten / Via

    15. The smell and taste of hot water directly from the hose.

    Terminator1 / Getty Images

    16. Going in after hours of playing outside to chug down Sunny Delight.

    Sunny Delight

    17. Sitting in front of bulky portable fans to cool off, and talking into them to make your voice sound robotic.


    18. And finally, the excruciating pain felt when you went down one of these slides that'd been heating up in the sun all day.

    hairyharrels / Via

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