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    These Are The 230 New Emojis Coming To A Phone Near You In 2019

    The waffle emoji is here!

    If you love using an emoji or 10 to express yourself via text, then gather round because the Unicode Consortium officially announced that there are brand new options coming your way in 2019!


    It's said that there'll be 230 incoming emojis and you can already imagine which ones will be living in your frequently used section. Like the pinching hand...

    Emojipedia / Via

    ...and the yawning face!

    Emojipedia / Via

    There's also increased emoji diversity and social inclusion...

    Like different people of mixed skin tones holding hands...

    Emojipedia / Via

    ...and people in manual (and motorized) wheelchairs.

    Emojipedia / Via

    There'll also be a mechanical arm and leg...

    Emojipedia / Via well as service and guide dogs!

    Emojipedia / Via

    For those of us who constantly talk about food, in addition to the waffle emoji, there'll be butter, falafel, garlic, and an onion! *Drooling face emoji.*

    Emojipedia / Via

    Animal lovers can enjoy the flamingo, sloth, otter, orangutan, and skunk!

    Emojipedia / Via

    Brace yourself for all of the new opportunities presented by these incoming emojis, from a ringed-planet, to a cube of ice, to a drop of blood, to a stethoscope, the possibilities are endless!


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