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21 Ancient Artifacts That You Definitely Had At Some Point

So many AOL free trial discs.

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1. A rewards card from Borders, the legendary bookstore that's gone, but not forgotten.

@lizhernandezv / Via

2. A plastic bag from Mervyn's, the glorious department store that met its demise in 2008.

@__bee22 / Via

3. Some clothes from Anchor Blue, the store that served up several back to school looks for folks in the '90s and '00s.

@yogurt_1 / Via

4. A Blockbuster membership card, which was a necessity during the VHS era.

@thebrownkidblog / Via

5. Or, a Blockbuster Rewards card for the dedicated gamers and movie buffs, who spent boatloads of time and money in the video store.

@estherthezester / Via

6. Or, a Hollywood Video card, for people who liked to keep their rental store options open.

@magneticfestvhs / Via

7. An AOL free trial disc offering a chunk of hours ~free~.

@cyxodus / Via

8. A paper cup with this very '90s design.

@royalmarshmallow / Via

9. A Coke Card, which used to earn soda lovers perks for buying pop.

@sdotgoods / Via

10. A View-Master with some thin, cardboard discs that you could binge through.

@toytoy_polaroid / Via

11. A classic Playskool flashlight that could shine clear, red, or green light.

@frankndrank / Via

12. Some fruit and vegetable magnets that, for some reason, everyone's grandparents had on their refrigerator.

Ali Express / Via

13. A Tiger handheld game that provided a lot of entertainment, particularly on long car rides.

@dackfaid / Via

14. Any of the Full House books that delivered extra doses of Stephanie and Michelle to everyone who couldn't get enough from the show.

@dafnego / Via

15. An orange Nickelodeon VHS tape.

@thewhimsyfarm / Via

16. A bag of the greatest fruit snack of all time, Amazin' Fruit. Bonus points if it's got a '90s movie promotional theme to it.

@frostynostalgia / Via

17. A glass mug from McDonald's promoting something back in the day, whether it be The Flintstones, or Batman Forever.

@itzcarlop / Via

18. Some yellow, blue, and orange Fisher-Price roller skates, which seemingly everyone had.

@old_55 / Via

19. Some HitClips to have minute-long jam sessions to.

@angeladmarie / Via

20. Some Little Golden Books with movie and television tie-ins.

@erinnlouise / Via

21. And finally, Golden Sound Story books, in case the visual wasn't enough and you needed audio snippets too.

@80s90skidzmemoriez / Via

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