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    Updated on Feb 23, 2019. Posted on Feb 22, 2019

    18 People On Twitter Shared Their Most On-Brand Childhood Stories

    "I taught myself HTML so I could build a Backstreet Boys website."

    Twitter user @KEBrightbill asked people to share their most on-brand childhood stories and the responses were a wild ride.

    What is your most on brand story from your childhood?


    Mine is probably learning how to sign my name when I was four so I could get my own library card instead of having to rely on what my parents checked out for me.


    @KEBrightbill Apparently I didn’t take my first steps in front of any adults. I crawled to another room, practiced until I got the hang of it, and THEN walked out.


    @KEBrightbill The most notorious childhood story about me was when I was four and didn't know how to talk yet so when mom asked me how I got that burn on the palm of my hand, I stuck the bobby pin into the socket AGAIN to show her.


    @KEBrightbill My dad tells me that it took an hour to walk to preschool because I would spend a few minutes crouching down and looking at flowers and rocks and other interesting things on the road.


    @KEBrightbill 10yrs old, parents got firm about lights-out so i would stop reading & sleep but instead of sleeping or even doing anything else i used one of the electric heating pads & kept a book in my pillowcase just so i could read at night, by the tiny orange light of the temp indicator.


    @KEBrightbill I wrote an expose for my HS newspaper re: janitors repeatedly emptying recycling bins into the trash dumpster. Principal refused to allow it to be printed. So I sent the article to the city paper instead. Editor told HS principal: if you won’t publish, I will. Principal caved.


    @KEBrightbill I was 5 and just out of kindergarten when my neighbor took me & her kids to the Rexall for lunch. Waitress brought menus for all but me. (I prob looked 3) I said, "We can ALL read at this table." Publishing, 38 yrs.


    @KEBrightbill In first grade, a teacher ripped up my drawing of a Christmas tree because apparently it wasn't good enough. About 10 years later, this same teacher invited me to show my paintings to her adult art group!


    @KEBrightbill I stole several bulbs off the Christmas tree, took them down to the basement and broke them on the floor to see what they were made of. Then I promptly forgot I had done any of that and later walked over them in bare feet.



    @KEBrightbill I received my first “love letter” in second grade. I corrected the spelling and grammar in red ink and returned to sender.








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