17 Painfully Embarrassing Parents Begging For Stuff That Makes Me Feel Soooo Bad For Their Kids

    Not a crumb of dignity in sight!

    1. This hostile person who rudely asked for a free PS4 that was allegedly for a kid's birthday.

    Screenshot of a text conversation

    2. This parent blaming people for not funding their kid's AirPods.

    3. This person trying to get a discount and free delivery because it's supposedly their kid's birthday.

    Screenshot of a text conversation

    4. This person blaming someone for ruining their kids' Christmas.

    5. This person trying to get free pizza (but not soup) for their "starving" kid.

    6. This person trying to get a free donut for their "B" kid.

    7. This person straight-up asking for a free gaming console for their son.

    8. This person trying to knock a chunk of thousands off the cost of a car because it's Christmas and the car is for their kid.

    9. This person trying to buy headphones, yet claiming they need a discount because they have multiple kids and a dire housing situation.

    10. This person who thinks that because their kid keeps them awake at night they deserve a free new phone.

    Screenshot of a post

    11. This person lying about how bad their kid wants a shirt in the hopes of getting it for cheaper.

    12. This person using their kids to get an OnlyFans subscriber.

    13. This person using an allegedly crying kid to try to get a discounted MacBook Pro.

    14. This person who needs a specific Audi vehicle for cheap because...she's a mama to a beautiful little boy.

    15. This person who wanted a free replacement cookie because their kid dropped one.

    16. This person who says they want Christmas gifts for their daughter, but seems to reject a helpful suggestion.

    Screenshots of a Facebook post

    17. And finally, this person seeking a whole list of things and mentioning their 8-year-old as a means of getting it.