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    27 Beauty Products From Black-Owned Brands For Every Part Of Your Routine

    Primers and conditioners and accessories, oh my.

    1. Beauty Bakerie's Butter Hydrasilk Primer + Antioxidants prevents your makeup from electric sliding off of your face before you even leave the house.

    A model wearing the primer

    2. Tribe Afro Pick Comb features an eye-catching geometric pattern and is the easiest way to gently fluff your hair.

    A person using the pick

    3. Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer is great because you can buy refills for less $$$. This way you can avoid spending extra on new packaging and reduce waste.

    4. Thank God It's Natural Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer proves that natural hair products really can work for almost everyone. The formula seals in moisture while giving every strand a chance to shine.

    5. Glow By Daye Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap makes deep conditioning easier than ever. It's microwaveable so you don't have to sit under a dryer to achieve pillowy curls.

    6. Choate Body No. 4 Lavender & Honey Face and Body Scrub has a blend of honey and organic lavender essential oil for your aching, cracked skin. If you have in-grown hairs or rough skin, this'll help smooth everything out.

    Open jar of same product to show smooth scrub inside

    7. SPF 30 Black Girl Sunscreen is a reliable, daily sunscreen that's also a great moisturizer. It has jojoba and avocado oils for smooth application and long-lasting hydration.

    A person holding the squeezable sunscreen tube

    8. Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfection Foundation offers your-skin-but-better to medium coverage for the person who loves natural makeup. It's hydrating, never cakes, and lasts all day.

    The foundation

    9. Black Gold Luxury Brand Glow Body Oil nourishes skin with jojoba, sweet almond, and apricot kernel oil. It comes in two delectable scents.

    The product bottle

    10. Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer kisses your skin as though you spent the past month on the beach. It's not too red either. Pro tip: your bronzer shade makes an amazing eyeshadow crease color.

    The bronzers

    11. The Lip Bar Liquid Matte Lipstick stays in place as long as you want it to and never clocks out early. Unlike many mattes, this one won't leave your lips feeling like The Thing.

    kayla in a pinkish purple matte lipstick

    12. Keba Body Butter Super Softener offers everything you love about shea butter, in an easy dispense jar. It's overflowing with oil rich in fats derived from the karite tree.

    13. Beauty Strike Green Tea Cleanser gently washes away makeup, oil, and dirt while hydrating your skin. FYI, Green Tea is full of antioxidants that combat free radicals.

    A person dispensing the green tea cleanser

    14. Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Softening Leave In Conditioner is the answer to your low-porosity 4c hair woes. It's got ingredients Afro-textured hair can't get enough of, like aloe vera, argan oil, jojoba oil and more!

    15. Osun African Beauty Hydrating Mist brings out the best in you with a combination of Moroccan rosewater, Egyptian Jasmine extract, calming aloe water, and Nigerian Hibiscus flower. Imagine how supple you'll feel after baptizing yourself in this ✨.

    The product bottle

    16. Dream Girls Healthy Hair Care Kit just might change your life. The before and after pictures speak for themselves 😲. I love everything in this set, especially the TLC Comb-Out Treatment.

    Shoulder length hair before using the healthy hair starter kit // Bra strap length hair after using the kit for 10 months

    17. Hair Rules No Suds Cleansing Cream helps normalize oil production, reduces irritation, and cleanses hair without leaving it bone dry.

    The jar of cleansing cream

    18. Heat Free Hair "For Kinks" Clip-Ins can be dyed or straightened to blend seamlessly with Type 4 hair. And it doesn't have that weird residue or smell fresh out of the package.

    19. 25th & June Nail Elixr in the shade Very Expensive allows you to feel like a rich 🙊 with some rich friends.

    model's hand holding teal nail polish in a small glass cube bottle

    20. Bread Beauty Supply Hair Mask works wonders on Types 3 and 4 hair because it's lightweight and ultra-nourishing. How? Bush plum and starflower super-fruit oils.

    21. Melanin Haircare Satin Visor is my go-to accessory on hot, sunny days. It'll protect your face from the sun without drying out your hair. Plus, it'll keep your hair out of your face on hot days.

    A person wearing the visor with their hair in a bun

    22. Mented Cosmetics Lipstick pictured below in the shade "Blacker the Berry," has a velvety matte finish will keep your lips poppin' all day without making them feel too dry.

    buzzfeed writer in dark red matte lipstick

    23. Mielle Organics Babassu & Mint Deep Conditioner is a cult-favorite for a reason. The formula restores dry and damaged hair by cradling every strand with all-natural botanical extracts and amino acids.

    24. Beauty Strike Rosewater Toner rebalances and hydrates your paper-tight skin. When you're done, recycle the bottle for 15% off of your next BeautyStrike purchase.

    A person holding the bottle of toner

    25. Rosen Skincare Bright Citrus Serum uses vitamin C and mulberry extract to minimize discoloration and fight acne-causing bacteria. If you have acne-prone skin, you should definitely try this.

    The product bottle

    26. Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic Curl Stimulator comes out swinging — and gets better with time. Leave it to a Black-owned company with nostalgic branding to create a product that makes curls pop like Michael Jackson in the '80s. You'll have no problem making your hair last for the week.

    The product bottle

    27. Satin-lined Grace Eleyae Silky Beanies will save your hair a whole lot of moisture and keep it hydrated. As a person who's too lazy to do their hair, but has to look presentable from time to time, I love these.

    Two people wearing the beanies

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