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21 Halloween Drinks That Will Make You Laugh

Cheers to all your fears.

1. Make your shot look like a hemorrhaging brain.

Flickr: 48683366@N00

Schnapps, Bailey's, and grenadine don't mix. Like, actually, they do NOT mix. Instructions here.

2. Put some (dry) ice on it.

Learn how here.

3. Use pickled beets as garnish for a "bleeding heart" effect

4. Or, just straight-up infuse the candy corn into some vodka.

Full instructions here.

5. Make black and orange minosas.

Black food coloring + vodka = black vodka. Instructions here.

6. Rim your glasses with red-dyed corn syrup.

Warning: STAINS. Instructions here.

7. Serve black cocktails in black-rimmed glasses.

8. Or, go for a black and orange theme.

9. Take shots of blood.

Blood orange liquor, that is. Instructions here.

10. Make an "eyeball highball" by stuffing radishes with olives, then freezing them into ice cubes

Instructions here.

11. Model your martini after candy corn.

No guarantees that it'll taste good.

Recipe: Halloween Candy Corn Cocktail.

12. Float fruity eyeballs in your drink.

13. Give people the creepy-crawlies by putting black licorice strings in martinis.

14. Put pomegranate seeds in a red cocktail, and they'll look like bloody teeth.

15. Candy corn jell-o shots, anyone?

16. Rim a glass with halloween-themed sprinkles.

17. Make spider web glasses.

Easy with some glass paint. And you can break them out again next year. Instructions here.

18. Use a rubber glove to make a hand-shaped ice cube.


Recipe: Severed Hand Sangria.

19. Bacardi 151 is great if you want to set your drink on fire.

20. Serve a "horny devil" cocktail

21. Or, fill your punch bowl with "shrunken heads."

Just carve some apples and float them in whatever punch or sangria you're serving. Instructions here.