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Here Is A Blog With Photos Of Vegan Food From Literally Every Single Country In The World

Proof that traveling while vegan is totally possible.

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Animal rights activists Ryan Huling, 31, and Joel Bartlett, 34, are both avid travelers who've managed to stick to their vegan diets everywhere they go.

So, they decided to start a blog to prove that eating vegan while traveling isn't only possible, it can be downright delicious... / Via

This falafel from Paris's legendary L'as du Fallafel is just as tasty as any boeuf bourguignon you'd find at a Parisian bistro.


Their project proves that veganism is possible anywhere, not just in affluent countries where an animal-free diet might be "trendy."

Bayo Adedge / Via

This is a banana with strawberry jam and "groundnut spread" (basically peanut butter) wrapped in flatbread, from Burundi in East Africa.