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Show Us Your Best, Most Perfect Packed Lunches

Are you a master of meal prep? A sandwich superhero? A *wrap* queen? Tell us your secrets!

Everyone knows that the best part of the workday is LUNCH.


And the ultimate sign of responsible adulthood is being able to pack yourself a lunch that's healthy but delicious, and filling but not coma-inducing.

Some great ideas here.

That said, packing the perfect lunch is easier said than done. More often than not, you either end up with this:

Kivoart / Getty Images

The iceberg lettuce salad is the saddest salad of all.

Or, you forget to pack something, and around 2 p.m. you're like this:

Also not great.

But some people are bona fide lunch CHAMPIONS. If you're great at packing your lunches, TELL US YOUR SECRETS.

Do you make big batches of salads that don't wilt?

Do you have a secret ingredient that you add to salads?

Pickled red onions FTW.

Do you have a special lunchbox that makes everything easier?

More great lunch ideas here.

Maybe you make a big batch of quesadillas and freeze them?

These are breakfast quesadills but tbh we'd eat them anytime.

Or maybe you have a go-to big-batch slow cooker recipe that makes great lunch leftovers?

This is great.

Use the comments section to tell us your favorite recipes, tips, and tricks for packed lunches for a chance to be featured on BuzzFeed Community. Have a photo? Even better!