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    This Poo-Pee Dog Cruiser Is The Best Thing For Sale On The Internet

    Your dog is tired of being left at home.

    This, friends, is the Poo-Pee Dog Cruiser.

    The Poo-Pee Dog Cruiser is a sweet motorcycle attachment...

    ... for dogs.

    It was created by the folks at Todd Andler's American Carriage Company, and is available via their website.

    The Poo-Pee is "designed for small dogs who are tired of staying at home."

    This dog was tired of staying at home.

    And, good news! "Weight of dog not an issue if it can sit comfy in {the} space."

    The Poo-Pee is customizable, with a wide array of paint colors available, to match your motorcycle.

    (Or to match your dog.)

    Per the website, the Poo-Pee is best suited for trikes (aka, three-wheeled motorcycles).

    Brian Snelson /

    See how perfectly the Poo-Pee fits on the trike wheel?

    However, the Poo-Pee can be attached to a two-wheeled motorcycle. Just know that it'll sit on the back, not on the side.

    Not being able to sit next to your dog and enjoy the ride together seems less fun, but bikers can't be choosers.

    The Poo-Pee comes with a windshield, so you don't have to worry about your dog getting dirt in his/her eyes.

    For dogs who are a little less *carefree* a "removable sun curtain" can be ordered separately.

    I get it, dogs. Sometimes you're having a good hair day and you don't want to mess it up.

    Also, note that the makers of the Poo-Pee cruiser "advise that you always tie your pet down with a short strong chain."

    That said: "Pet carriers are not meant to be used to train your pet to ride. We do not accept responsibility for your pet's safety."

    Prices vary depending on whether you want your Poo-Pee painted or not, and if you buy the mounting hardware as well as the Poo-Pee itself. 1 custom painted Poo-Pee with mounting hardware: $1,050

    A lifetime of days on the open road with your #1 canine* by your side: Priceless.

    *Cats are allowed to ride, too.

    Motorcycle trikes sold separately.

    The 2015 Harley Davidson Tri-Glide Ultra starts at just $32,999

    (And since, I know you were wondering: This is the company founder, Herb Andler. The Poo-Pee is named after his dog.)