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    7 Meal-Prep Tricks To Try This Week

    It feels great to be prepared.

    1. Make a batch of hummus (you can try a new flavor or stick to your favorite) for quick, packable snacks.

    2. Write out your weekly dinner plan at the start of the week. Better yet, make it ~pretty~.

    3. Cook breakfast burritos once, eat breakfast burritos all week long.

    4. DIY granola is a great weekday breakfast when you add fresh fruit and milk or yogurt.

    5. Bake banana bread right into a mason jar for a less crumb-y grab-and-go option.

    6. Prep a week's worth of lunches by making these carnitas bowls.

    7. Mix a variety of overnight oats in different jars, then pick whatever flavor you're feeling in the morning.