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    24 Fun Holiday Treats To Make With Kids

    If you have the patience for a gingerbread house, that's great. If not, you can stack chocolates on pretzels and call it a day.

    1. Snowman Cake Pops

    Much cozier than going out in the cold and building a real snowman. Instructions here.

    2. Sweet Tortilla Snowflakes

    Family Fun Magazine /

    Ever cut a snowflake out of a folded piece of paper? Turns out, tortillas work, too. Instructions here.

    3. Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees

    Instead of fussing with lots of colored icings and making a mess, just coat all of your sugar cookies with a simple white frosting, and use sprinkles to decorate. Recipe here.

    4. Rice Krispie Wreaths

    Put the elves to work forming the sticky rice krispies into wreaths. Instructions here.

    5. Christmas Caramel Corn

    Because food coloring just makes everything better. Recipe here.

    6. Candy Cane Bark

    So simple, but, the end product makes a great hostess gift. Making the bark is a great way to get in the holiday spirit without having to commit a whole afternoon to baking. Recipe here.

    7. Marshmallow Dreidels

    Marshmallows > Clay. Instructions here.

    8. Christmas Puppy Chow

    Throw all the ingredients in a ziploc bag, and shake. Just make sure it's totally sealed. Recipe here.

    9. Melting Snowman Christmas Cookies

    Instructions here.

    10. Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies

    Recipe and instructions here.

    11. 3D Cookie Christmas Tree

    This one will really impress your kids; just know that you'll be the one doing most of the work. Instructions here.

    12. Krispie Treat Christmas Tree

    If a sugar cookie tree is too much, try this much easier rice krispie version. Instructions here.

    13. Tootsie Roll Menorah

    Anthony Reyes /

    100% foolproof. Instructions (SPOILER: chocolate frosting base, tootsie rolls, and jellybeans on top) here.

    14. Christmas Candy Carolers

    Take a moment to appreciate that gummy worm scarf. Instructions here.

    15. Peppermint Crunch Popcorn Pops

    Instructions here.

    16. Chocolate-Cherry Clusters

    These three-ingredient, no-bake clusters are simple enough to make with your kids, but classic enough that they're a good last minute option for a holiday party or cookie swap. Recipe here.

    17. Gingerbread House

    Making your own gingerbread takes a little extra time, but it's not as hard as you might think. Full instructions here.

    18. Easy Gingerbread House

    You can go the extra mile and make a really beautiful, legitimate gingerbread house. OR, you can use graham crackers, make icing from powdered sugar, and let your kids go to town decorating with whatever candies they want. Really, the easy way sounds like more fun. Instructions here.

    19. Cookies in a Jar for Santa

    Have your kids help fill jars with cookie ingredients and decorate them. The finished product makes a really cute hostess gift, too. Instructions here.

    20. Christmas Tree Cones

    Instructions here.

    21. Snowman Truffles

    Instructions here.

    22. O Christmas Treat Pizza

    Take a break from sweet treats and serve a Christmas tree for dinner. Bonus: your kids might be so distracted by the presentation that they'll actually eat the spinach. Recipe and instructions here.

    23. Christmas Pretzel Buttons

    Pressing the M&Ms into the slightly melted chocolate kisses is bizarrely satisfying. Instructions here.

    24. Christmas White Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

    Two steps, minimal clean-up. Instructions here.

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