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24 Fun Holiday Treats To Make With Kids

If you have the patience for a gingerbread house, that's great. If not, you can stack chocolates on pretzels and call it a day.

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3. Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees

Instead of fussing with lots of colored icings and making a mess, just coat all of your sugar cookies with a simple white frosting, and use sprinkles to decorate. Recipe here.

6. Candy Cane Bark

So simple, but, the end product makes a great hostess gift. Making the bark is a great way to get in the holiday spirit without having to commit a whole afternoon to baking. Recipe here.


16. Chocolate-Cherry Clusters

These three-ingredient, no-bake clusters are simple enough to make with your kids, but classic enough that they're a good last minute option for a holiday party or cookie swap. Recipe here.


22. O Christmas Treat Pizza

Take a break from sweet treats and serve a Christmas tree for dinner. Bonus: your kids might be so distracted by the presentation that they'll actually eat the spinach. Recipe and instructions here.


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