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7 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier This Week

Holiday season is officially upon us. Don't let it get the best of you.

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1. Offset an imminent turkey coma with a veggie-packed, meatless breakfast.

This sweet potato and kale breakfast hash is topped with scrambled tofu, making it the ultimate healthy, savory vegan breakfast. You can use regular eggs instead, if you want — the gorgeous, in-season vegetables are the real star. Recipe here.


2. Assemble your own DIY "instant" oatmeal jars. You can make them all different flavors, or just stick to your favorite.

It saves time in the morning, and you don't have to rely on the flavored instant oatmeal that comes in packages, which often contains lots of added sugar. Here's a full how-to, plus lots of good flavor ideas.

5. If you run out of roasted vegetables and know you won't have time to roast a batch at night, put them in your slow cooker in the morning, and they'll be done by the time you get home!

For those times when the big batch you made on Sunday is gone by Tuesday afternoon. (Guilty.) Recipe here.

6. Thanksgiving is ~sacred~ so feel free to take or leave this one, BUT, there are a couple of very subtle things you can do to make the meal just a little bit healthier.

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For example, most people WILL appreciate a beautiful, fresh green salad on the table. Also, sweet potatoes really don't need any extra sugar. See more tips and tricks here.


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