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    7 Healthy Eating Tricks You're Going To Want To Try

    Summer fun doesn't have to be unhealthy.

    1. Before you make any dietary changes, make sure you have a clear picture of what you're currently eating. /

    Track your daily food intake for a few days, so that you know exactly what you're currently eating. That way, if and when you decide to make changes, you'll be able to see exactly what you're doing differently, and you'll be able to track what's working and what's not. Some great, free online food diaries are MyFitnessPal, MyNetDiary, and MyPlate.

    2. Make your healthier desserts as beautiful as possible, so that they really feel special.

    These chia pudding parfaits are filled with fruit and seeds, but they're just as much fun as an ice cream sundae because... well, look at them. Recipe here.

    3. If you're trying to eat fewer carbs, try this easy-to-follow dinner plan.

    All the meals are low-carb and high-protein, and there's a grocery list that goes along with it! Get the full plan here.

    4. Add fermented foods to your diet.

    Fermented foods have been shown to help with digestion, and the process of fermentation helps preserve a food's naturally occurring nutrients. Learn more here.

    5. Bring your own healthy snacks to the beach or the park.

    Summer is the perfect time to spend all day (and night?) outside. Don't put yourself at the mercy of beach vendors or gas station snacks — bring your own food instead! Here are some healthy beach snack ideas.

    6. For a lower-carb sandwich, wrap fillings in a collard green instead of a tortilla.

    If the insides are delicious, who cares what's on the outside? This Quinoa Veggie Collard Wrap makes the perfect meat-free lunch!

    7. Use this cheat sheet to make a healthy, balanced meal out of whatever food you're craving.

    Seriously, it's genius. Learn more here.