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    7 Healthy Eating Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

    Including DIY frozen yogurt, overnight oats, and easy portion control tricks.

    1. Turn leftover chicken into healthier chicken salad by using hummus instead of mayonnaise.

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    These lettuce cups are delicious and taste super fresh. If you have leftover cooked chicken (or rotisserie chicken!), it's a fast, no-cook meal. Recipe here.

    2. Too hot to turn on the oven? Make a bunch of big-batch stuff on the stove and you won't have to cook again ALL WEEK.

    Sure, the idea of spending an afternoon roasting meat and vegetables probably sounds like torture right now — I don't think I've ever sweat as much as I did standing still on a New York subway platform last weekend — but there's plenty of meal prep you can do on the stovetop. Steam vegetables, sauté greens, pan-sear fish or thinly sliced chicken, hard-boil eggs, cook a batch of grains... The sky's the limit. And the best part is that you won't have to cook again ALL WEEK. Because let's face it, the temperature is STILL rising.

    3. Give burgers and hot dogs a rest and throw seafood on the grill this weekend instead.

    Meat is great, but there's so much more you can do with a grill. Seafood is good way to switch it up, and it feels special. Plus, it's good for you.

    Recipes (from left): Grilled Pesto Salmon in Foil, Maryland-Style Grilled Shrimp and Corn

    4. Need a sweet treat, like, right now? Here's a healthy, five-minute frozen yogurt.

    Frozen yogurt is great, but the stuff that comes out of a soft-serve machine isn't exactly a health food. Making your own means you know exactly what goes in it, and you can control the sweetness (read: sugar). This fro-yo has just plain yogurt, frozen strawberries, lemon juice, and honey, and it couldn't be easier to make. Recipe here.

    5. For a cold, fast, healthy breakfast, try overnight oats.

    Throw a serving together at night, put it in the fridge, then grab and go in the morning. Recipe here.

    6. Get into the back-to-school spirit with an adult lunch box to house pretty and healthy packed lunches.

    This Lunch Bots lunch box will last forever, and there's no chance of your food getting crushed or mixed together, since it's stainless steel and there are three separate compartments. If that's not your style, there are plenty of other options. As for what to pack, here's a great weeklong lunch plan.

    7. Master portion control with these easy tricks using just your hand.

    Too much of even the healthiest foods can be a bad thing, so it's good to recalibrate your portions every once in a while.