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    10 Ways To Know If You Are Low-Key Psychic

    Are your magical spidey senses waking up before your very eyes? You might be surprised.

    A few years ago, I realized my intuitive abilities were becoming stronger. And, I found out the more people I coached, even in business, they also became psychic!

    Here are some of the first things you may feel as you start to open up:

    1. You feel everyone’s energy in a room, start to feel uncomfortable in crowded places like restaurants and malls, and want to take an immediate nap after being out and about.

    2. SPEAKING OF...You may want to nap and sleep a LOT in order to recharge and unplug your energy.

    3. RETWEET #2, You have wild, wild dreams and often have recurring dreams that seem to make absolutely no sense, like Goofy in a playground.

    4. You Begin to see Angel Numbers everywhere, like 11:11, 2:22 and 5:55 as symbols that you aren’t alone on this path.

    5. Technology starts glitching around you. Your zoom gets fuzzy, WiFi stops working; or the whole dang thing shuts down. #WitchProbz

    6. You dive deep into Fantasy, like Harry Potter, Charmed or any other alternative world that seems more real than our wild 3D one.

    7. You are drawn to nature, and want to ground, earth or sit in the forest alone.


    8. You get super into astrology. Hello, am I a scorpio or a secret libra?

    9. You begrudgingly wake up at 3:00 A.M. every night on the dot.

    10. You begin to invest in healers & intuitives like CRAZY. YES to all the other magical humans helping you on your path, be it reiki, attunements, massages or other fun adventures with your spirit family.