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    17 Mouthwatering Foods You Need To Eat For Lunar New Year

    The best excuse to wear red in February.

    1. These classic pork and chive dumplings.

    Or just chive. I don't care. Chive is life. Recipe here.

    2. These vegan potstickers.

    Made with eggplant, green onions, and shitake mushrooms. Mmm mmm.

    3. This brown sugar–glazed Chinese bacon.

    4. This whole steamed fish.

    5. This flaming-hot chicken salad.

    Doesn't that burn your throat just by looking at it? Learn how to eat fire here.

    6. These cold mung bean noodles.

    7. These pork belly zongzi.

    Learn how to make these bamboo leaf–wrapped sticky rice pockets here. You can also mix up the fillings: popular ones besides pork are mung bean, red bean, and corn.

    8. This fried Nián Gāo.

    This is your state-fair-fried-affair dream. To start, you can learn how to make your own glutinous rice cake here if you don't have access to a Asian grocery store. Then, see how to fry them here.

    9. These pineapple cakes.

    10. These "longevity" oodles of noodles for days.

    11. This Chinese red sauce pork.

    12. These crispy, salted prawns.

    13. These scallion and bacon Hua Juan.

    14. These savory daikon (turnip) cakes.

    15. These candied kumquats.

    16. These Chinese almond cookies.

    17. The most delicious rice mound to exist (eight treasure rice pudding).

    Happy Lunar New Year!!