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27 Stages Of Becoming Obsessed With Tattoos

Remember when you said you'd never get one? AHAHAHA

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7. In less than a week, you thought about getting another one.

8. But, $$$, 😭😭😭

Why you so expensive??!


9. So this became your Christmas list:

10. Being broke AF actually became a problem.

11. Like that prevented you from getting more.

12. Funny when you told your parents you'd stop at one.

At first, you were good at hiding them. Now, they either go with you to get a tattoo or they've just let you do your thing.


13. Because your body is a temple, and you're just painting the walls.

Time to plan the next one πŸ’‰ #tattoos #tattoomeme #bodyart #Wow #Amazing #BodyArt

14. And you're all about alternative Disney.

15. This is your favorite day of the year...

Saturday Morning Silliness #tattoo #tattoomeme #tattoofunny #taxrefund @LarkTattoo

16. The day when you schedule all your next appointments.

17. And scroll through Instagram all day at work looking for inspiration.

18. Nothing makes you get out of work faster.

19. Even those little soap bottles make you a little too excited.

THIS! I miss it...I need another #addictedtotattoos

20. And you just don't understand people with regular people concerns.

21. So whoever supports your love of ink is a keeper.

While y'all worried about Valentine's day, this is me in the cut.... #ILoveInk #AddictedToTattoos πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

23. And yes, you're employed.

24. And no, you won't regret it.

"@HighSkoolProbs: on point " #preach #addictedtotattoos


25. You honestly don't understand why people even tell you this:

26. Because what's it gonna matter when you're old and wrinkly?

EVERYBODY GETS OLD AND WRINKLY. And these tattooed seniors show that tattoos will always look badass.