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    31 Fluffy Things That'll Help You Hibernate All Winter Long

    It's so FLUFFY I'm gonna DIE!!!!

    1. This stupidly cute squishable panda.

    Offering rainbows and smiles on the most dreary of days. Available here.

    2. This furlicious bean bag.

    Your naps deserve lavish treatment too. Get it here.

    3. These magical unicorn slippers.

    Buy them here.

    4. This lush faux fur throw.

    5. This baby alpaca that'll help you survive any winterpocalypse.

    6. This clam shell cat house.

    So many fluffy things to look at!!! AAARRgh. Get it here.

    7. This magnificent bear coat.

    8. These heated abominable snow slippers.

    OOOohh so much fUZzzzzZZZZ. Available here.

    9. This pet pod that's double the fluff.

    Pets need their fluff too. Available here.

    10. These cat hoodies.

    Why can't we all turn into cats when winter comes? Get them here.

    11. These ice cream plushies that won't give you a brain-freeze.

    Get them here.

    12. This staple white mohair sweater.

    Big + fuzzy = cuddling for days. Available here.

    13. This big fleece bear blanket.

    Bears do it best. Get it here.

    14. These socks that come in the cutest packaging.

    Your feet will turn into fluff. Get them here.

    15. This kitten eye mask.

    More reasons to hibernate. Buy it here.

    16. This magicorn mane.

    Let your unicorn transformation begin. Available here.

    17. This fuzzy blue robe.

    Get it here.

    18. These faux fur fingerless gloves.

    So typing in cold work offices is actually doable. Buy them here.

    19. This furry snood.

    Buy it here.

    20. This cloud couch that's perfect for hibernating all winter.

    Get it here.

    21. This shaggy polar bear rug.

    Cozy feet! Available here.

    22. This little cloud lamp.

    The fluffiest non-fluffy object ever to exist. Get it here.

    23. These earmuff headphones.

    Bluetooth! Buy it here.

    24. This dreamy psychedelic coat.

    The ultimate dreamscape. Buy it here.

    25. This fur hat with ears.

    Available here.

    26. This elephant phone holder.

    Exchange cheek kisses with this one. Get it here.

    27. These shea butter fox socks.

    Oh, wait, so these will make your feet smell good too?! Get them here.

    28. This frizzy little monster phone case.

    Eat it! Just eat the phone! Buy it here.

    29. This giraffe onesie.

    The only outfit you'll need for three months. Get it here.

    30. These kitten muffs.


    'Nuff said. Buy them here.

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