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We Tried Three Of Amazon's Top-Rated Lengthening Mascaras And Were Disappointed

Hello, where are my luscious lashes?? The Balm Cosmetics, Eve by Eve's, and Coquette Chronicles go head to head for a lengthening medal of honor.

Especially when you're Asian, have monolids, and stubborn, short, and fucking sparse lashes that seem to be intent on sticking straight down and never holding a curl...ever.


Just ask these ladies who offered their teeny (but gorgeous!) lashes up for an experiment where they tried three kinds of top-rated lengthening mascaras from Amazon to see how they measured up.

Watch them test Amazon's top-rated mascaras for length!

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They were super disappointed that this was one of Amazon’s top-rated mascaras because they thought it was chunky and it made their eyelashes stick together. Nope.


It was a lot less clumpy. They thought it was pretty good, although the primer could've been a little more effective.


They thought this mascara made their eyelashes look longer and it glued less of their lashes together. Ha!

They were not fans of the brush. Like, at all. But they thought the mascara was a lot less clunky.


"This is, like, something you buy from the discount bin at your drug store."

As women of Asian descent, they said there hasn't really been an American cosmetics line that caters to them.


They would love to have a mascara that doesn't smudge towards their outer eye and doesn't make their upper and lower lashes stick together. But until that magical formula and brush falls into their laps, they're just going to keep living their best damn short-lash lives. Beauty standards got nothing on them. ✨✨✨

But don't be too disheartened! Check out more top-rated mascaras on Amazon, and good luck to you on your mascara-finding journey!

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