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    23 Ordinary Objects That Are Cleverer Than You Think

    You've been using everything the wrong way!

    1. Use a piece of unscented floss to cut cake (into slices or layers), cheese, cookie dough, and other pastries.

    2. Pick up broken glass with a slice of bread.

    3. Scrub white toothpaste on your dirty sneakers with an old toothbrush to make them squeaky clean.

    4. Instead of buying Swiffer refills, use an old sock.

    5. Use coffee grounds as a fridge deodorizer.

    6. Clean your grill with half an onion.

    7. Remove nasty stains from your cutting board with salt and lemons.

    8. If you don't have gloves lying around, put sandwich bags over your hands before you work with hot peppers.

    9. Brush Vaseline around your fingers when painting your nails to keep the polish from sticking to your skin.

    10. Use cheap hairspray to get ink out of fabrics.

    11. Save your Pringles lids to fit over yogurt containers, cans, and pint glasses.

    12. Rub shaving cream over your car windows and bathroom mirrors to make them fog-free.

    13. Wrap gifts with the comics or crossword sections in the newspaper.

    14. Clean the insides of skinny bottles and vases with egg shells.

    15. Sprinkle Nesquik over your ice cream for a quick, chocolaty topping.

    16. Quickly slice mushrooms with an egg slicer.

    17. Kool-Aid can eliminate lime deposits and stains in your dishwasher, and it can also clean brass.

    18. Salvage burned pots and pans with Coke.

    19. Seal your opened chip or cereal bags with binder clips.

    20. Use a potato peeler to cut thin, even slices of cheese.

    21. Use mayo or cooking oil to remove unwanted stickers.

    22. Pulverize uncooked rice in your coffee or spice grinder to get rid of all residue.

    23. Use cornmeal to absorb grease stains on your furniture.