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    19 Brilliant Life Hacks For When You Don't Have Time For Hygiene

    "Whenever I run out of toilet paper, I just use ~used~ tissues." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

    1. For those who know that bodies are the best resources:

    2. For those who don't really care what goes in their mouth:

    3. For those who have their priorities in check when it comes to satisfying your teeth:

    4. For those who know how to maximize their work perks:

    5. For those who want to become one with their cat:

    6. For those who are just extremely ~eco-friendly:~

    7. Like, REALLY eco-friendly.

    8. For those who'd rather drown in piles of laundry than do laundry:

    9. For those who know what receipts are REALLY good for:

    10. For those who really love the smell of baby butts:

    11. But maybe their skin's just as smooth:

    12. For those who are hellbent on making sure everything is well-worn.

    13. For those who care more about what other people think than their own health:

    14. Or those who think that they're clean as long as the grime is out of sight:

    15. For those who are really good at reaching their backs:

    16. For those who don't mind coating their feet in gunk:

    17. For those who aren't the least bit squeamish:

    18. For those who must have some really magical socks:

    19. For those who are suspiciously feline: