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    31 Magical Tattoos That You'll Never Regret

    Prepare to be ~out of this world.~

    1. These gorgeously colored phases of the moon.

    2. This astrological compass.

    3. This watercolor-splashed solar system.

    4. This glimpse into the galaxy.

    5. This Lynx constellation.

    6. This geometric take on the phases of the moon.

    7. This intricately dotted star.

    8. This beautifully ornate Saturn.

    9. This sliver of the universe.

    10. This mystical sun.

    11. These cute finger moons.

    12. This tiny multicolored planet.

    13. This minimalist galaxy portal.

    14. This ethereal pink-and-purple nebula.

    15. These extraterrestrial amethyst circles.

    16. This occult universe gem.

    17. This perfect row of the planets.

    18. This dripping, cosmic illusion.

    19. This surreal shoulder piece.

    20. This eclipse that flawlessly covers up an old tattoo.

    21. This ultraminimalist solar system.

    22. This sensual procession of planets.

    23. This kaleidoscopic of phases of the moon.

    24. This teal-tinged sun.

    25. This delicate celestial and terrestrial union.

    26. This lunar goddess.

    27. This flaming comet.

    28. This tasteful little shooting star.

    29. These galactic and terrestrial humans.

    30. This simple meteor shower.

    31. DAVID BOWIE.