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    31 Magical Tattoos That You'll Never Regret

    Prepare to be ~out of this world.~

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    1. These gorgeously colored phases of the moon.

    @roamingearthling / @maximumhewat / Via

    2. This astrological compass.

    @_dr_woo_ / Dr. Woo Tattoo, LA / Via

    3. This watercolor-splashed solar system.

    @julia_dumps / Via

    4. This glimpse into the galaxy.

    @davidhoangtattoo / Chronic Ink / Via

    5. This Lynx constellation.

    @floresjessica / Via

    The OG of cats. Give praise.

    6. This geometric take on the phases of the moon.

    @lovaynaink / Via

    7. This intricately dotted star.

    @tattooist_banul / Via

    8. This beautifully ornate Saturn.

    @orudasu / Via

    9. This sliver of the universe.

    @x_venturi_x / Via

    10. This mystical sun.

    Tricia Atkinson / @figure8inkstudios, Fredericksburg VA / Via

    11. These cute finger moons.

    Meredith Fields (@aquariuscuriosities) / Dani Blalock (@http://dani.blalock) / Via

    12. This tiny multicolored planet.

    @seoeontattoo / / Via

    13. This minimalist galaxy portal.

    @tattooist_banul / Via

    14. This ethereal pink-and-purple nebula.

    15. These extraterrestrial amethyst circles.

    @sygov_ / Via

    16. This occult universe gem.

    @seoeontattoo / / Via

    17. This perfect row of the planets.

    @harryseaton / Via

    18. This dripping, cosmic illusion.

    Lulu Medina / Via

    19. This surreal shoulder piece.

    @popo_tattoo / Via

    20. This eclipse that flawlessly covers up an old tattoo.

    @tattooist_ida / Via

    21. This ultraminimalist solar system.

    João Vitor Z. Trombini / @skiid_ / Via

    22. This sensual procession of planets.

    Nicki Kelis @nicki_kelis / / Via

    23. This kaleidoscopic of phases of the moon.

    @kelsey_moore_tattoo / Via

    24. This teal-tinged sun.

    @dustinmugtattoos / @bowerybruisers / Via

    25. This delicate celestial and terrestrial union.

    Christopher Sim / private studio run by appointment only / Via

    26. This lunar goddess.

    Docta Wilson @ Gypsy Moon Custom Tattoo, Lemoyne, PA / Via

    27. This flaming comet.

    @martyna_popiel / Via

    28. This tasteful little shooting star.

    @remycristian / Via

    29. These galactic and terrestrial humans.

    @pmtattooec / Via

    30. This simple meteor shower.

    @vagabond_vick / Via

    31. DAVID BOWIE.

    @ginafote / Via

    Aladdin Sane/Ziggy Stardust, you'll forever be part of the hope that we find when we look up to the stars.

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