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18 Fixes To Small Problems That Are Annoying AF

Inspired by this Quora thread.

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1. Get those last chunks out of the jar without sacrificing your hand using these tools.

The average nut butter/condiment jar measures up to 7 inches in length. With a regular knife, you almost always have to reach your hand into the jar in order to scoop the last gobs out. This spreader is 11.8 inches long and is shaped specifically to reach the corners of any jar. If you prefer something more versatile, then this small 12.5-inch-long spatula is your answer.

2. Use mayonnaise to remove those pesky stickers on your laptop.

Dab a small amount on and let the mayo set for 5 to 10 minutes, then voilà: It comes right off. Repeat a few times if you're dealing with extremely stubborn adhesives. Watch how this miracle condiment works here.

4. Eliminate Java notifications by changing how often it checks for updates.

You can get rid of the notifications by changing the frequency of updates. To do this, open up the Java Control Panel and select the Update tab. Uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically." If you do this, though, you'll need to update them manually. But at least you won't be in perpetual frustration.


5. Fix your autocorrect problems by resetting it or creating your own shortcuts.

Autocorrect works by adapting to your typing habits, so if you tend to misspell words frequently, it will eventually correct to your misspelled words. If this happens, you can either reset it or create shortcuts for the words you most commonly use.

7. Keep your bobby pins from sticking out by mastering the "lock" technique.

First, make sure you're placing the bobby pin in with the wavy side down. Once you get all the hair you want secured, push the bobby pin up, weave the hair through, and then push the bobby pin back down. **GAME-CHANGER.** See more here.

8. Drink cáscara coffee, a tea made from the pulp of coffee cherries, if you can't choose between coffee and tea.

thelocalcoffeetea / Via

Normally, the coffee cherries are discarded, but brewing them gives off a strong fruity taste with lower caffeine content than coffee. So it's not quite tea, not quite coffee, but delicious all the same. Find out for yourself what it's like by getting a bag here.


9. If you have gnarly issues with full-page web ads, check your plugin/pop-up preferences and switch to Google's public DNS numbers.

The above plugin and pop-up screen is for Google Chrome. See here for Safari and here for Firefox. DNS numbers serve as the internet's phone book, and there's a chance that you have a DNS server that's redirecting you to a page with pop-up ads. By switching to Google's DNS numbers, you're reducing the load on the ISP's servers, so not only will you have improved security, but you'll also experience faster browsing.

11. Open links to a new browser tab automatically by either changing your preferences or installing an extension.

Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

On Safari, you can set a new window as default through the general tab in preferences. For Google Chrome, you need to add the extension Click to Tab, and for Firefox, you'll need to add this.


15. Stop Google Chrome from slowing down your computer by getting rid of its "helpers."

In order to keep these helpers from hoarding all your RAM, you need to keep Google Chrome from automatically running all plugins. To do this, go to Preferences > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Plugins and opt for "Let me choose..." rather than "run" or "detect." Another benefit to disabling Google Chrome Helpers (other than preventing your computer from crashing) is that it'll keep flash ads from auto-loading without the help of an ad blocker.

17. Learn that not holding the door for everyone and/or declining someone's door-holding does not make you a rude person.

Door holding and ~chivalry~ sometimes just makes it awkward for everyone involved, especially when the person following is 10 feet behind and walking at a casual speed. It's OK to open the door only for yourself, but do hold it for anyone who might need help or asks for the door to be held.

18. Treat a hangnail by soaking it in warm water, trimming it with cuticle clippers, and moisturizing with vitamin E oil.

You can also use a nail clipper and other moisturizers, including massage oil, honey, and avocado. Learn more here.