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34 Amazing Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With Durham N.C.

And you thought Portland was cool.

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1. The Bull City is the southern funk town of your dreams.

2. It has more good food than you know what to do with.

Voted as the South's Tastiest Town, Durham will satisfy any food craving.

3. Like the donuts from Monuts.

The perfect combo of dough-y and melt-in-your-mouth. Also, who could ever forget the dinosaur table numbers??

4. Or the popsicles from Locopops.

Cookies & cream. omg.

6. Every. single. dipping. sauce from Chubby's Tacos.

They also have some mad secret to making the chip incredibly addicting.

7. Pizza from anywhere else will never look this good.

At Pompieri you cut pizza with scissors. And eat it with shameless stupor.

8. You'll forever be in breakfast heaven.

9. Because Dame's Chicken & Waffles is the king of breakfast-for-dinner.

Home of delicious schmears.

Same with Nzinga's Breakfast Cafe, the champ of home cooked meals that your taste buds yearn for.

PSA: this place serves freakishly good red velvet waffles. #fluffybutterheaven.

10. The best waffle fries and wings are from Heavenly Buffaloes.

Even their vegan wings are to die for. Everything is better rubb'd.

11. Cosmic Cantina will always be there for you at 3 AM.

Nothing better than cheap, tasty drunk burritos.

12. Because you need re-fueling after attending any show in Durham.

The music scene is fucking dope. This is the home of Sylvan Esso, Des Ark, Hiss Golden Messenger, Bombadil, and so many more.

13. Shows at the Duke Coffeehouse are some of the most memorable nights of your life.

Everything about this place and its people is fantastically weird. So weird that it's good.

Like when Mac DeMarco stopped by and crowd-surfed.

The smallest, most intimate space to butt-touch your favorite artist.

14. All the bars know how to seriously turn up.

Like The PInhook's illegal parties. You will never groove more than going to one of these. deeeeep haus hip hop.

15. In addition to being beautifully rustic, the city's architecture represents a lot of Durham's rich history.

At the beginning of the South's Industrial Revolution, Durham was the site of tobacco and textile factories, so many of today's businesses and homes reside in repurposed warehouses.

Like Black Wall Street, on which many businesses owned by African Americans thrived, early in the 20th century.

Also known as Parrish Street, it lines the Hayti community, Durham’s main African American district. Together, they make up a central part of Durham's history and diversity. The Hayti Cultural Center also holds a variety of performances and other programs to celebrate black heritage and to promote greater cultural understanding.

16. It's all about good coffee.


Like Cocoa Cinnamon, the hippest coffee shop you'll ever visit.

To show you what I'm talking about, their "Dr. Durham" drink has homemade vanilla topped with maca root powder, ginger root powder and black lava salt. *Dies.*

17. You'll meet some of nicest and quirkiest folks at the farmer's market every Saturday morning.

Comes with bluegrass music, arts and crafts, beautiful babies, and plenty of sunshine. Also, food many food trucks.

18. Speaking of food trucks, the food truck rodeos feature over 50 delicious vendors.

Food truck rodeos!

19. Tasty artisanal foods, like Big Spoon butters, are to die for.

20. Twinkle lights and waterfalls at The American Tobacco Campus make you feel like you're living in a fairytale.

21. You'll always walk away inspired and challenged by the Nasher Museum.

And art murals like the one of Pauli Murray that show you the strength of Durham's black heritage.

There are multiple murals of Pauli Murray around the city. She was a powerful civil rights and women's rights activist, raised in Durham, N.C.

22. Durham Bulls games are the perfect way to catch fireworks with friends.

23. Outdoor movies at Durham Central Park lets you straight up chill with the whole Durham fam.

24. Running at the American Tobacco Trail makes running actually enjoyable.

For a trail named after the history of tobacco production, you'll actually fill your lungs with a whole lot of good stuff. 22+ miles of refreshingly clean air.

25. Same with the Al Buehler, which will also tone your thighs hardcore.

Hills, so many breathtakingly painful hills.

26. You can float for days on top the Eno Rock Quarry.

Lounge, jump from the scary rock, chill on a log, anything. The Eno is life.

27. Or have a lovely picnic at the Duke gardens.

Ducks, babies, ancient redwoods, flowers upon flowers, flowers to fall asleep in, and flowers to win over anybody's heart.

28. Speaking of Duke, who could forget this:

29. The chapel is the portal to every magical realm.

This includes Hogwarts and Mordor.

30. The sunsets are unreal.

Pure sorcery.

31. And at Maple View Farm, you can watch the sunset, eat ice cream, and sit in a rocking chair.

Well, even though Maple View Farm is located in Hillsborough, N.C., it's just a car ride away and its chocolate milk is thankfully sold in many Durham grocery stores.

32. The ice cream flavors at The Parlour are subtle explosions of flavor.

33. Every nightly outdoor gathering leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.

No where else will you find a more tight-knit, cozy community.

34. Seriously, Durm, could you get any better?