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17 Products For People Who Just Want To Be Left Alone

No new friends...or any friends.

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Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. A bubbly mug for when some idiot tries to interrupt your mornings.

2. This candle that offers the most legitimate excuse.

3. A sweatshirt that really wants others to come near.

4. This bag that's so inviting to everyone who wants your digits.

5. This pin that's just so interested in whatever anyone has to say.

6. A phone case that really, REALLY wants to be interrupted.

7. A shirt that correctly identifies your true state of being.

8. A doormat that loves greeting unwanted guests.

Or any type of guest.

Or any type of guest.

9. An extremely affectionate tote.

10. A good-natured necklace that can't possibly piss anyone off.

11. A banner that really showcases your sense of ~spirit.~

12. An eye mask that'll make sure no one ever compliments your eyes.

13. These socks that really exhibit your sociability.

14. A phone case that showcases your beverage of choice.

15. This hat that's just so chipper.

16. A bag that absolutely loves meeting new people.

17. A pin that represents the home that makes you the happiest.


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