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    People Are Dunking Their Faces In Water To Set Their Makeup And It's Weird AF

    Say hello to your new beauty routine, jamsu.

    There's a new Korean makeup trend that claims to make your foundation super matte and smooth.

    It's called jamsu and it means "diving," or "submerging."

    Japanese beauty vlogger YoonCharm started the technique, and it quickly took off in South Korea.

    First, you apply primer, concealer, and foundation like you normally would.

    Then, you pack on baby powder or loose powder, which is the trick to setting your makeup.

    Once you've covered your face, you're supposed to dunk your face in cold water for at least 30 seconds.

    Cold water eliminates white residue from your face without removing the powder's mattifying effects.

    Afterward, you gently pat your face to get rid of excess water.

    The water makes the powder translucent so you won't see it, but the powder will still give your skin a smooth, matte look.

    Then, you can apply eye and lip color and your skin should stay matte for the rest of the day.

    Skeptical? Try it out for yourself!

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