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    19 Foods That People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Eat

    Eating cute things should be outlawed.

    1. These farm animals who just want to be loved, not consumed.

    Amanda Nguyen / Via

    2. This snuggly bear who's sleeping under a warm blanket.

    3. This chick who's already imprinted on you.

    chrfjwr / Via

    4. These whimsical friends from under the sea.

    Alexander and Sophia / Via

    Macarons made by Honey and Butter.

    5. The cutest-ever baby Groot.

    @_leslie_vigil_ / Via

    Now, how could someone possibly devour a baby Groot CAKE? That would be murder.

    6. These teardrops that are just enjoying some laughs among friends.

    thismommymakes / Via

    7. This sweet, sunny doll.

    vei_vera / Via

    What's it doing in this person's dinner??

    8. Charlie Brown, who's too excited to see you.

    cutechichai / Via

    9. This ghost that just wants to keep spookin' on.

    Ashley / Via

    Giving your daily dose of cute spook.

    10. These sticky penguins.

    eynapz / Via

    11. These angelic, rosy faces.

    Angela Morrison / Via

    Behold, the magic of fondant cakes.

    12. These kittonuts!

    仁仔 何 CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: happykiddo4ever

    13. These teddy bears that only know how to give out hugs.

    Nguyen Tan Tin CC BY / Via Flickr: 126011099@N05

    14. These adorable porcupines.

    15. These deviled eggs that just want to give you a peck on the cheek.

    16. These besties who are just bathing in soupy joy.

    17. This blissful little turtle.

    18. These jubilant babies!

    Love Lots Cakes / Via

    19. And these babies, who seriously might be real babies.

    Nicola Hurle / Via

    They're actually chocolates...

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