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    34 Aggressively Cute Packaging Ideas You Need To See

    "Nice package."

    1. These wool yarn bobbies.

    2. These accurate hair accessories.

    3. These ice cream lightbulbs.

    4. These notepads that match the outfits of the people on them.

    5. This perfect butterfly tea bag.

    6. This Trident gum.

    7. These sock brushes.

    8. These attitude-matching earbuds.

    9. These edible chocolate tubes.

    Paint = flavored fillings.

    10. This self-opening environmentally friendly oil dome.

    11. These poop bags.

    12. These sneakily hidden peppermints.

    13. These lightbulbs disguised in egg cartons.

    14. These Tiny Feather tissue boxes.

    15. These hilariously accurate mochi flavors.

    16. These packages of pasta.

    17. These butcher meats.

    18. These cupcake ovens.

    19. This Froot Loops cereal box.

    20. This cotton-swab container.

    21. These fortune cookie pouches.

    22. This "drip" syrup bottle.

    23. These bearded rope people.

    24. This Swiss army chocolate wrapper.

    25. This flavored soup set.

    26. The cutest vitamin boxes imaginable.

    27. These friendly baby-food holders.

    28. These baking kits that come with animal hats.

    29. These towering pencil towels.

    30. These treats for one.

    31. This pet food.

    32. This hot chocolate helper kit.

    33. These ketchup-packet lollipops.

    34. These diva hair scrunchies.