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    19 Stealthy Products That'll Protect All Your Things

    So inconspicuous it's inconceivable!

    Jenny Chang / Buzzfeed

    1. This scarf that has a touchscreen pocket for your phone.

    It also has another pocket for things like keys and Cheetos. Get it here.

    2. This stack of sticky notes piggy bank.

    Get it here.

    3. This deadly skull that has room for all your darkest thoughts.

    Available here.

    4. This Rubik's Cube safe.

    For those with especially genius skills. Buy it here.

    5. These pocket socks.

    6. This pillow with a middle compartment.

    Get it here.

    7. This necklace that can fit a clever message.

    Buy it here.

    8. This book that totally gets you when you're reading.

    Flask included! Get it here.

    9. This fake outlet safe.

    Maybe install it in an inconvenient location. Get it here.

    10. This pita wrap pencil case.

    Can't say for sure whether this will keep them from trying to take a bite.

    11. This record player compartmental maze.

    Get it here.

    12. This bracelet that lets you keep important keys on you wherever, whenever.

    Available here.

    13. These spy coins for the super-mysterious folks.

    Can fit a micro SD card! Get it here.

    14. This lid that can store your daily essentials.

    15. This scarf that has an even more obscure pocket.

    Available here.

    16. This pillow with internal pockets.

    So you can continue lying facedown without having to worry about anyone stealing your snacks. Get it here.

    17. This armchair with a place for your pet.

    You can rest without having to worry about your pup running off. Available here.

    18. This water bottle that carries everything you need when you hit the gym or go on a brisk walk.

    Available here.

    19. This Del Monte diversion can.

    Because seriously, who would ever seek out canned vegetables?? Coke can diversions are cool, too, but people might actually try to drink those. Get the "veggies" can here.

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