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21 Surprising Things That'll Simplify Your Life

You CAN have it all.

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2. This french press travel mug that's easy, on-the-go, and makes great-tasting coffee.

This microwave-safe travel mug solves two problems: It can brew tea or coffee and it's economical but not disgusting. Buy it here.


3. This wine preserver for when you want to drink but ~shouldn't~ finish an entire bottle.

The answer to drink vs. not drink is quite obvious here, but sometimes you don't want to go into work hungover from the fear of wasting a good bottle. And re-corking a bottle is a laughable endeavor. This wine preserver will save you from total job incompetence.

4. This popper for when you can't choose between microwave popcorn and stovetop popcorn.

This popper combines the taste of stovetop popcorn with the convenience of microwave popcorn. AmaAzZing. Buy it here.


11. These candles for when you want to light a candle but don't want to ~burn~ a candle.

Keeping track of a real lit candle is like taking care of a baby and sometimes you don't want that responsibility. Get it here.


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