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25 Small Ways Asian Immigrant Parents Show Their Love

Did you eat yet?

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1. They're constantly worried that you might be hungry.

Fung Bros Comedy / Via

2. So they're always prepared to cook you food.

3. And when you're away from home, they send you more than you know what to do with.

You probably had to throw a lot of it in the freezer (as if you had one). The good news was that most of your friends scarfed it down for you.

4. They spent hours with you helping you with your homework.

yes that is an asian boy and yes he is doing homework with his parents

Yes, sometimes it turned into a lecture about why American math methods were subpar, but you wouldn't be nearly as good at math as you are now.

5. And obviously made sure you were well fed.

6. Their other hours were devoted to accompanying you during piano or violin practice.

Sometimes you really didn't want to, but it's actually incredible how much time they devoted to bettering your skills. Admit it, you're secretly proud that you were a child prodigy.

7. And when your hands were tired, they gave you plenty of massages.

Even if it were in exchange for you to massage them.

8. They tended to your ailments even if that meant trying intimidating methods.

The crazy thing is that you actually couldn't feel anything with acupuncture!

9. They constantly worry about you.

10. So they always leave you notes like this:

11. Telling them that you feel sick gives them a panic attack.

12. But they really do take care of you when you're actually injured.

Even when you were an adult.

13. They're more concerned about you getting enough sleep than anything else in the world.

14. Driving in bad weather? Out of the question.

Even if it was barely snowing.

15. They always hate it when you spend money on them.

16. Although they're choosy, they actually give the best dating advice.

Seriously, they just think that no one is ever good enough for you.

17. They constantly bought you new clothes in fear of you not wearing enough layers.

Off The Great Wall / Via

18. They repaired your clothes for even the tiniest tear.

19. They sent you all the latest free skincare products.

Because pimples were the equivalent of an apocalypse.

20. They cleaned your place every time they visited you in college.

No point in resisting.

21. Sometimes they chastised you about changes you made to your appearance...

22. So "doing it now and apologizing later" was sometimes the best approach.

Parents saw my tattoo and they just shook their head and said "I'm not even surprised"πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ Much love for the chillest Asian parents ever.πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

As much as they might hate your tattoo or piercing, their love for you will persist.

23. They always preferred that you stay closer to home but they wanted you to have the best opportunities.

24. They're overjoyed when you choose to spend time with them as an adult.

25. And just because they're reluctant to show it in person, they really do love you.

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