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23 Deceptive Packaging Ideas That Aren't What They Appear To Be

There's more to us than meets the eye.

Amy Sefton for Buzzfeed

1. This ice-pop KNIFE.

Hanno Vanzyl, YSKOUD UHURU / Via Facebook: media

2. This slice of cheese that CLEANS.

Get this here.

3. Pizza...CONDOMS!!

4. These fruity TOILET PAPER rolls.

Latona Marketing / Via

Buy them here.

5. These TEA-shirts.

6. These slices of Kleenex.

7. These revealing "snaps.",489722634377765,489722411044454,489713961045299,489348654415163&fb_action_types=benetwork:appreciate&fb_source=other_multiline,489722634377765,489722411044454,489713961045299,489348654415163&fb_action_types=benetwork:appreciate&fb_source=other_multiline

8. These frosted shirtcakes.

9. This fruits-and-veggies CONDOM machine.
Guan-Hao Pan

10. These NOTEBOOK slices.

11. This medicine TEA set.

12. These forecast TAMPONS.

13. These "TEA-shirt hangers."

Soon Mo Kang / Via

14. These super charged ~ions.~

Nina Naeher / Via


15. These juice box RUBBERS.

Effie. Y / Via

16. These crystal shard CHOCOLATES.

17. These meditative PERFUME bottles.

18. These battery cell SALT AND PEPPER shakers.

Mehmet Gozetlik / Via

You can buy these here.

19. These diamond NOTEPADS.

Available here.

20. This wooden puzzle JEWELRY box.

21. These shumai TEA dumplings.

22. This PANTONE Rubik's Cube.

Ignacio Pilotto / Via

23. These cans of IMMATERIAL goods.

Get these here. They also have German, Danish, Swedish, and Chinese versions.